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Black Box [LR & HR] Rules

Post by Mirrors on Sun Nov 08, 2009 10:25 pm

Server Rules

These are the rules that you must follow when playing BlackBoxRO or posting on our forum.

You can report a player that broke one of the following rules by sending a private message to a member of the staff

Do NOT report a player in a public post in the forum.

General Rules - These rules apply on both the server and the forum.

a)Respect the staff.
Don't harass the staff. We work hard to provide you with a free, enjoyable Ragnarok experience.

b) Do not ask to be a GM.
If we need to hire a new member in the staff, we will let you know on the forum.

c) Do not impersonate a member of the staff.
Any player caught with a name similar to a member of the staff's name, or pretending to be part of the staff will see all his accounts banned.

d) Do not insult others.
This includes verbally assaulting, abusing or harassing another player. RO is a nice game and you don't want it being ruined with this kind of attitude.

e) Do not adtvertise other servers.
This includes posting a link to another server on the forum or simply give its name in game or on the forum.

Forum Rules - The rules you must follow when posting on the forum.

a) Do not spam/flame.
This includes posting irrevelant content or purposely provoking another user to trigger conflict.

b) Do not double post.

Use the edit function instead.

c) Do not post links to adult/illegal content.
Adult content is inappropriate and will result in immediate action taken against the offending party(s)

Server Rules - The rules you must follow when playing BlackBoxRO.

a) Do not use any external software to get illegal advantages.
This includes botting, Packet editing, or using any software other than our own to connect to the server. Failure to observe this rule will result in an immediate ban of all related accounts.

NOTE: using an Homunculus auto-feed AI is considered as botting!

b) Do not spam skills or use @duel when you're in a crowded area.
If you need to do some crafting or anything, try to go to a place where you won't annoy anyone.

c) Do not use trade windows to incapacitate another player.

Trying to use a chat window to incoonvenience another player is strictly forbidden.

d) Do not Kill Steal
(This is Available in HR)
Kill Stealing is the action of killing a monster that is engaged in battle with another player already. These rules do not apply to MVP's.

e) Do not abuse mob trains.
What we call mob train is the action of walking arround on the map in the purpose of having a bunch of aggressive monsters following you.
Try not to forget that you're not always alone when doing this. Any player doing mob trains on a crowded map will be jailed.

f) Do not abuse multiple accounts.
You can log on with more that one account at a time, but don't forget RO is a multiplayer game and that playing with other players is always better.

g) Do not try to hack one's account.
This includes any action that would be an attempt to know somebody's password.

h) Do not share your password.
If your account is damaged in any way (item stolen, character deletion...) by someone you purposely gave your password to, the staff will not help you.

i) Do not trade real money.
Anybody trying to trade real money for any ingame adventages (zeny, stuff), will meet an immediate ban.

j) Do not do account trading.
Trying to trade one account for another account or anything else is forbidden.
The previous rule still applies here.
Accounts are not something you can sell and anybody proposing such a trade will meet a ban.

k) Do report bugs.

Any player that finds a bug must report it immediatly by making a new thread about it. Any player not reporting a bug and/or abusing it will meet a sanction.

L)Do NOT scam other players

Commiting a scam against another player, whether it be to cheat them out of zeny, items, or anything else, is an offense which will result in SEVERE punishment.
Any player caught doing so will be dealt with.

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