Server's General Information.

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Server's General Information.

Post by Mirrors on Sun Nov 08, 2009 10:31 pm

LowRate Server:
Every info on this page is not carved into stone and is matter to discussion.

Implemented episode:
11.3 (no official updates will be made beyond that)
Rates: 5x/5x/4x (Low Rate Server)
Healer: No (But very likely to be implemented)
Reset: Yes (5k/5k or 9k for both) (Prices are very likely to change. The only thing certain is that there WILL be a non-progressive reset.)
Warper: Yes (Customized warper with price dependant on the disctance)
Job Changer: No (official quests are good enough for this)
WoE: Yes (But will very likely be unactive at start)
WoE2: No (Not fitted for a small pserv in my opinion. The old WoE system is good enough)
Marriage System: A custom system has been implemented
Adoption System: Yes
PvP: Customized PvP with the possibility of managing your own PvP room with the options of your choice
-Custom Mall system with a search system to help you find who sells the item you're looking for
-Custom Novice Quest
-Custom Jail System

I will edit this post to keep it updated.

HighRate Server:
Don't have enough time to put the info right now.

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