PvP System - Status: available for debug

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PvP System - Status: available for debug

Post by PhoenixTrainer on Mon Dec 28, 2009 3:13 pm

PvP System

Available on: both servers

The NPC to access the PvP Arenas can be found near fontain of Prontera.

Our PvP arenas have many exclusive features that you won't find in the official implementation of a PvP Arena.

-UT-like announcement system (Double Kill, Multi Kill, Dominating!, and so on)
-Exclusive respawn system.
When you die, you don't always respawn at the same spot, so you can't get chain-killed so easily.
-"Anti-fag" system
In our arena, you won't find any npc that will warp you out. You have to use the @leave command to get out of the arena. And this command does not work if you're currently being attacked by someone. That prevents people to attack you and then run away from the arena...

Also, our system enables you to make your own pvp room with settings you like. Here is a list of the options you can choose:

Map Type

The map that will be used to create your room. For now we only have 6 maps available. The map type can be any number between 0 and 5.

Type 0

Type 1

Type 2

Type 3

Type 4

Type 5

Room Name

The name of your room. You can put anything as long as it doesn't already exists. Default is "<your name>'s room".


You have the option of setting a password for your room. If you set one, the password will be asked to any person wanting to enter your room.

Max number of players

This is the maximum amount of player that will be able to be in your room at the same time. You can't set more than the default limit of the map you're using to create your room. (usually 30)

Minimum level and Maximum level

Pretty self explaining. The only rule you have to respect is that your level must be included in the level range. (for instance, if you're level 99 you can't have max level to be 80)

Party mates and Guild mates

This option can enable or disable Party or Guild friendly fire. For instance if you have "Party mates cannot hurt one another" and "Guild mates can hurt one another" it means that two guild mates that are not in the same party will be considered enemies inside of your room.

Skill can (not) be used

If you'd like to you can make it so people can't use any skill when inside of your room.
In addition, you can disable certain skills only, such as Ice Wall and Teleport, which can be considered "lame" in a PvP Arena.

Normal/Baby/Advanced Job limitation

You can restrict the arena to only certain jobs. Currently you can only make the restriction based on Rebirth/Baby jobs. For instance you could make an arena available only to baby jobs.

Stats are enabled

Currently this setting does nothing. In the future we will implement a ranking system that will update stats of how good you're doing inside of the arenas. This option defines if what happens in your arena should be taken into account for this ranking.


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