Novice Quest - Status: Fully fonctionnal

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Novice Quest - Status: Fully fonctionnal

Post by PhoenixTrainer on Tue Jan 05, 2010 4:37 pm

The Novice Quest: Satan Morroc's Awakening

Available on: Alpha only

This the exclusive Novice Quest I made for this server.

By "Novice Quest" I mean the very first thing you do when you create a character.

The quest that will guide your first steps in Ragnarok Online and learn you the basic of the game.

Note: on Omega, you begin directly in Prontera, there is no Novice quest at all.

You start your journey in the Office of the Capital Defense Force, which as been formed by the King of Rune-Midgard in response to the recent growth of Evil Forces arround the Kingdom. Here you expect to be recruited as a soldier to serve your kingdom and repell the monsters that keep appearing all arround the country....

[NOTE: if you want to discover the quest by yourself and dont want to be spoiled, you should not read any further =p]

But it seems your not the only one here....

After a few minutes of waiting you decide you changed your mind and get out of the building....

But a man then talks to you and tells you that a new office just opened in Morroc, which should be less crowded....

Indeed, no waiting here. You immediatly regiter and begin the application tests.

After succeeding the knowledge test and the practical test, you can now go for your final test. A real fight against a member of the Capital Defense Force...

But when you're about to begin the fight, you feel a huge shake that makes the whole building tremble......

Monsters are attacking the city! The Capital Defense Force has a garrison in Morroc, but they soon get outnumbered and the monster invades Morroc, killing and burning the city...

The monsters were actually attracted by a huge evil force growing under the city: Satan Morroc!

Satan Morroc is now awakening and is once again a threat for mankind....

After a while you wake up in a place that used to be Morroc but is now a devastated city.

After a while, you hear a voice in your head. A powerful sage is calling for your help and teleports you in his laboratory.

He plans to send you back in the past, before Satan Morroc's awakening, in order to prevent it....

You then find yourself in a peaceful Prontera, long before the tragedy that just happen in front of you....

You can now begin your adventure in Rune-Midgard, and maybe if you get lucky you'll get clues about Satan Morroc and what will cause its awakening........

You can watch the video version of the Satan Morroc's awakening on YouTube:


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