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CtP PvP System

Post by PhoenixTrainer on Thu Jan 21, 2010 7:33 am

Since the forum is becoming dead these days, I'm making a little announcement about the progress of the event I'm working on at the moment.

This event is called "Capture the Poring" or CtP. Maybe some of you already heard of it...

It is like a "capture the flag" mod, but instead of capturing a flag you want to capture a poring!

For those who haven't heard of ctf at all, here is a short explanation ^^

The players in the arena are split into 2 teams, and your objective is to capture the other team's poring. To do so, you must first your way to the enemy poring, if you succeed to reach the enemy poring, you will "grab" it. Which means it will follow you wherever you go until you die... Then you must take it back to your own poring. If you happen to reach your poring with the enemy poring following you, you will score 1 point for your team.

Not very complicated, but there are a few extra rules:

-Your poring must be at its "home" spot in order for the capture to succeed.
-If you drop the enemy poring, (if you die or walk to far away from it) any enemy walking near the poring will send it back to its default spot.

The engine is more or less functionnal but still a bit buggy... I hope to make it stable within a few days so you guys will be able to test it out ^^.


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