Quest Window System - Status: Working

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Quest Window System - Status: Working

Post by PhoenixTrainer on Mon Jan 25, 2010 4:57 am

The Quest Window System

Available on: both servers

This is the custom Quest Window System I developed for this server. We didn't want to have the latest client because we don't like many of its feature. The only thing we might have liked with the new client, is the Quest Window.

But worry not, with this system, you'll still be able to keep track of your quests!

You can access the quest window by typing the command "@quest".

When doing so, you'll see this:

Now you can display your quest list, or access the setting menu.

If you choose to go into the settings, you'll be given 3 choices:

Do you want to sort quests by categories?
If you say yes, it will split the quests into categories so you can find them more easily. You can still select the category "All Quests" if you want to see them all because you're unsure of which category your quest belongs to.

Do you want to hide completed quests?
This will remove the quests you've completed from the menu. If you say no, those will be displayed with (Completed) next to their name.

Do you want to display all completed quests at the bottom of the list (only if you said no to the previous question)?
This will group all the completed quests at the bottom of the list.

Now let's go back to the quest list...

If you select to display the quest list and you've chosen to group the quest by categories, you'll have something like that:

Now if you select a category (here I chose "all quests" so that's what you would have if you've chosen not to group the quests by categories.)

And now you can select a quest to see various informations about it. It will mostly be informations that were told to you by some npc but that you might not always remember.

Also, please note that not all the quests have been implemented in the system yet. We're still working on that.

Here is a list of the official quests that says which are available in the Quest Window System and which are not. Of course all our custom quests are already available in the system so I didn't bother to add them here.

Also, all the headgear quests that are like "give me that I'll make you a nice hat" aren't implemented in the system because they don't really require a step-by-step progression and all so having a quest status saying what is the next step would be pointless.

Quests Related to the Airship: Done
* Airship Ticket: Done
* How does the Airship fly?: Done
* Heart Fragment: Done

Quests Related to Alberta: Done
* Turtle Island: Done

Quests Related to Amatsu: Done
* Amatsu Dungeon: Done

Quests Related to Ayothaya: Done
* Ayothaya Dungeon: Done
* Ayothaya Ring: Done
* Tom Yum Goong: Done

Quests Related to Einbroch and Einbech: Done
* Einbroch Lover: Done
* Factory: Done
* Shinokas: Done
* Uwe: Done

Quests Related to Gonryun: To do
* Broken Sword: To do
* Lost Knife: To do

Quests Related to Hugel: To do
* Biological Weapon: To do
* Cow Milking: To do
* Hide and Seek: To do
* Medicine: To do
* Memory: To do
* Odin Temple: To do
* Rebellion: To do
* Yuno Remedy: To do

Quests Related to Lightalzen: To do
* Biolab: To do
* Cursed Spirit: To do
* Friendship: To do
* President: To do
* Rekenber Job: To do

Quests related to Louyang: To do
* Doctor: To do
* Poison King: To do
* Revolution: To do
* Soup: To do

Quests related to Morroc: Done
* Dandlion Request: Done

Episode 11.3 Quests: To do
* Nameless Island: To do
* Peace for Arunafeltz: To do
* Muff's Loan: To do
* Broken Diamond: To do
* Z-Gang Quest: To do
* Unlucky Emerald: To do
* Rogue Guild Investigation Assistance: To do

Quests Related to Nifflheim: To do
* Message Delivery: To do
* Piano: To do

Quests Related to Prontera: Done
* Geabolg: Done
* Prontera Culvert: Done

Quests Related to Rachel (Episode 11.1 Quests): To do
* Bruspetti: To do
* Ice Necklace: To do
* Lost Child: To do
* Rachel Sanctuary: To do

Quests Related to Umbala: To do
* Umbala Create/Dismantle Essence: To do
* Umbala Domestic Dispute: To do
* Umbala Language: To do

Quests Related to Veins (Episode 11.2 Quests): To do
* Siblings: To do
* Spy: To do
* Stone: To do
* Thor Volcano: To do

Quests Related to Juno: Done
* Metto: Done

Misc Quests: To do
* Cooking: To do
* Doomed Swords: Done
* Eye of Hellion: To do
* Juicer: Done
* Juperos: To do
* Kiel Hyre: To do
* Old Blue Box: To do
* Seals: In progress
* Thanatos Tower: To do
* The Sign: Done
* Wandering Ministrel: Done


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