Capture the Poring System and minor updates

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Capture the Poring System and minor updates

Post by PhoenixTrainer on Tue Feb 09, 2010 12:49 pm

A few updates

* The CtP System is now fully operationnal (You have to patch the client or you will crash if you try to join a ctp arena)
- You can now join and create CtP arenas just like the regular pvp arenas (with the PvP Manager, near the main fontain of Prontera)
- 3 available arena models that you can use for your arena.
- 3 official rooms with different settings
* Custom Stylist NPC (with a quest) available on Alpha (Omega still uses the default ea stylist)
- You have to do a small quest to unlock the stylist.
- You can have informations on this quest with the @quest command, even if you haven't started it yet. (it's a basic quest)


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