CtP PvP System - Status: Available for debug

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CtP PvP System - Status: Available for debug

Post by PhoenixTrainer on Tue Apr 13, 2010 8:27 am

Capture the Poring System

Available on: both servers

This is an addition to our pvp system. It's a new type of pvp arena in which you have to "capture" the opposite team's poring.

Most FPS games have a mod called "Capture the Flag". This is kinda the same thing, but with porings instead of flags.

Players are splitted into 2 teams, blue and red, each of which will have a "home base" in which the poring will respawn. Each team has to get to the opposite team's base, "grab" the poring, and then take it back to their own poring to score.

Now that was the global idea, now for those interested, I'll list the detailed mechanism:

-You grab the poring whenever the distance between the enemy poring and you is less or equals to 3 cells.
When you "grab" the poring, it will actually make it follow you with a movespeed of 120

-You drop the poring if one of the following case happens:
* You die
* You use one of the following skills: Hiding, Cloaking, Chasewalk
* The distance between you and the poring is greater than 5 cells
Whenever a poring is dropped, it will stay where it is. Now the same 3 cells rules apply if another player comes nearby, only if that player belongs to the team of the poring, it will be warped back to its home base.

-To capture the poring, all the following requirements must be met:
* Your own poring must be at its home base
* You must be carrying the enemy poring (obviously)
* The distance between you and your own poring (not the opposite team's one which is following you) must be less or equals to 3 cells. (The location of the enemy poring doesn't count as long as it is still following you.

-The porings are 100% immune to all sorts of attack, this means you can't use skills like repel arrow to make them move faster.

-The only revelant criterion to know which player is considered your enemy is the team. If you're on blue team, the members of red team will be considered enemies, regardless of guilds or parties. You can tell in which team a player is by looking above his head. (The location that usually displays guild emblems during the War of the Emperium)

exemple of the team color display system

-The damage dealt are hidden, like in WoE, but damage dealt are the same as in regular PvP arenas (unlike WoE in which damage dealt are reduced).

-To win a CtP game, your score must be the highest whenever the game ends. When the game ends depends on the arena settings (i'll get to that in a while). If both teams have the same score, the game can end with a draw, or continue until someone scores (sudden death), depending on the arena settings.

-When a new match begins, everybody will be warped to his/her corresponding respawn point. (So one can't wait next to the enemy poring waiting for the match to start)

-All custom features that can be found in our regular pvp system can be found here too (UT-like announcements, ...)

-You can access the CtP arenas with the same npc used to access the regular ones. Just select "CtP" when he asks you what kind of arena you'd like to join (or make if you're making your own arena)

Arena Settings

When creating your own room, you can change these settings to make the arena of your dreams (like in the regular pvp system).
Most of the settings are the same as in the regular pvp system, but for clarity sake, I'll explain them all over again.

Map Type

The map that will be used to create your room. For now we only have 3 maps available for the CtP mode. The map type can be any number between 0 and 2.

Type 0

Type 1

Type 2

Room Name

The name of your room. You can put anything as long as it doesn't already exists. Default is "<your name>'s room".


You have the option of setting a password for your room. If you set one, the password will be asked to any person wanting to enter your room.

Max number of players

This is the maximum amount of players allowed on each team. So the actual maximal amount of players inside the arena is twice this value.

Minimum level and Maximum level

Pretty self explaining. The only rule you have to respect is that your level must be included in the level range. (for instance, if you're level 99 you can't have max level to be 80)

Time limit

The duration of one match. You can set it to 0 for no time limit.
Note: the match can end before the time limit if a score limit has been enabled.

Score limit

The number of time one team can capture the enemy poring before the match ends. You can set it to 0 for no score limit.
Note: if a time limit has been set, it is possible that the match ends before the score limit is reached.

Note: if you set both time limit and score limit to 0, the match will go on forever, until all players have left the arena.

Skill can (not) be used

If you'd like to you can make it so people can't use any skill when inside of your room.
In addition, you can disable certain skills only, such as Ice Wall and Teleport, which can be considered "lame" in a PvP Arena.

Normal/Baby/Advanced Job limitation

You can restrict the arena to only certain jobs. Currently you can only make the restriction based on Rebirth/Baby jobs. For instance you could make an arena available only to baby jobs.

Stats are enabled

Currently this setting does nothing. In the future we will implement a ranking system that will update stats of how good you're doing inside of the arenas. This option defines if what happens in your arena should be taken into account for this ranking.

Sudden Death is enabled

Enabling this will make the arena continues if the 2 teams have the same score when time reaches 0. You can't enable this if time limit is 0.

This room will start over when finished

Enabling this will make the match start over again when one team has won. If you disable it, only one match will be played and the arena will be deleted once the match is over.

This room will wait to be full before it starts

Enabling this will make the game wait for the arena to be full before beginning the match. So if you've chosen the maximum amount of players on each team to be 20, the game will wait for 40 players to be inside the arena before it starts the match. If a player leaves the arena during the match, it won't stop it, but if the previous setting is enabled (This room will start over when finished) is enabled, it will wait again for the arena to be full before starting a new match.


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