Mall - Status: Fully fonctionnal

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Mall - Status: Fully fonctionnal

Post by PhoenixTrainer on Tue Apr 13, 2010 10:32 am

The Mall

Available on: both servers

The mall is where you wanna go when you're looking for a good deal.

This map is the only place in which the vending skill is allowed, it also features a custom registry system which allows you to find the item you're looking for in a few seconds, no matter how many merchants are in the mall.

General informations

To access the mall, talk to this NPC near Prontera Fontain:

Even if the mall is the only place where vending is allowed, it doesn't mean you can open it anywhere in the mall. To make thing nice and easy for everybody, you can only use the vending skill inside of 4 defined areas.

The registry

This feature will enable you to find what you're looking for very quickly. All you have to do is input the ID of the item you're looking for, and the NPC will tell you the name and location of any shop that would sell this item.

You also have the possbility of displaying every shop available one by one. This is not so useful, but it's here anyway in case you're too lazy to click the shops one by one.

Because obviously I have too much time to waste, I made a nice exemple so you can see what it looks like.

Let's say you need a Hydra Card. You go to the mall and you see this:

Obviously, at least one shop can sell you what you need, but what if you could have it for less? Of course here there are only 4 shops so it's not really long to check all the shops. But just imagine there are hundreds of them (won't happen soon here but who knows). Now that's when the registry will help you!

Before you talk to the NPC, you have to use the @ii command to recover the ID of the item you're looking for. For exemple, the ID corresponding to the Hydra Card is 4035.

Now we see that actually 3 of the shops are selling what we want, at different prices....

Again, with only 4 shops it's not that useful but if we had 100+ shops, finding those 3 shops without the registry would be a real pain in the ass.


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