Jail System - Status: Working

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Jail System - Status: Working

Post by PhoenixTrainer on Wed Apr 14, 2010 7:28 am

Jail System

Available on: both servers

The jail system on this server is meant to add a roleplay aspect =)

Instead of the boring regular jail system in which you are simply warped into jail we implemented something a bit different.

When a GM use the jail command on you, you don't get warped anywhere. Instead, you are now on the "wanted" list of the "Rune-Midgard's Security Forces". After a while, hostile NPC will spawn and try to kill you. They will attack you and only you. New NPC will keep spawning un
til you die or log out. If one of those two situation occur, you will now be warped into jail and wait here the amount of time specified by the GM who used the jail command.


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