Warper, Stylist and Reseter - Status: Fully fonctionnal

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Warper, Stylist and Reseter - Status: Fully fonctionnal

Post by PhoenixTrainer on Wed Apr 14, 2010 8:16 am

The WarPorings

Available on: Alpha only

Note: Omega use the stantard eA warper instead of this one

The WarPorings are porings that can warp you to distant locations in a few seconds. They will make your journey easier and safer.

There is one WarPoring in every single town and dungeon, however, you can only be warped to the places you already visited at least once.

To be able to unlock new location, you must first get the WarPoring Pass. You can get it in the WarPoring Office of Prontera:

You will be asked to do a few things for them before they grant you the pass, but you shouldn't have too much trouble...

Once you have the pass, you can unlock a town or dungeon by talking to the WarPoring there. Also, the pass will keep track of how many times you were already warped and the WarPoring will grant you a small discount according to that.

The price of a warp depends on the distance between where you are and where you wanna be warped (obviously). So warping from Geffen to Prontera will be cheaper than warping from Alberta to Rachel. Also, warping to dungeons is usually more expensive than warping to towns.

Max and Alfred: the reseters

Available on: Alpha only

Note: Omega use the stantard eA reseter instead of this one

Max and Alfred are 2 scientist trying to develop a new spell, a spell that would be able to make one rearrange his skills and stats. Before they can actually do that, you'll have to help them a little bit in their researches. You can find their laboratory in Prontera:

The Stylist

Available on: Alpha only

Note: Omega use the stantard eA stylist instead of this one

The stylist will change your hair style, hair color, or cloth color. You can find him in this building, in the southwest part of Prontera:

Before he is actually able to help you, you'll first have to collect a few items required for the dyes.


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